The day had finally come, my parents where getting closer! I got their cabin all ready to go for them and put Ella down early so she would get some sleep before they arrived! I missed them so much and couldn’t wait for big hugs❤️

I wasn’t sure if it was her Grandparents or their dog Ella missed more, so to play it safe I had both Grandma and Satie wake up Ella from her nap…. once she realized she wasn’t dreaming her little smile stretched clear across her face and stayed that way until we had to say our goodbyes ❤️

Now that they were here, I had no idea what to do… as you know we aren’t the best at planning. We decided to play it easy the day they got there and head out early for a mystery adventure… fishing of corse 🎣 We all woke up early and headed to Walmart to get our fishing license, then on to lake George for some fun times!

Once we arrived… and found a spot near the river that wasn’t occupied, we realized there ma be some slight hiking involved… Thank goodness for Jim carefully helping both of my parents down the hill.. we had an amazing day sucking up the beauty Colorado offers, no fish but Jim couldn’t help him self and had to check for gold… which he found, not much of corse but it definitely made up for not catching any fish!

Sunday we decided to head up to cripple creek, I was a bit worried taking my parents that high with all their heart problems, especially my dads recent heart attack, but they were able to breath so we were all good! We stopped by the Teller County Jail museum, which was such a cool place… I still can’t believe this place was still running in the 90s!

All original art work on the walls, days people stayed scratched tally marks gave me the chills! After taking a look at the men’s quarters, 100 men in this little area, 6 to a room,we headed up stairs where the children and women stayed… looked more like a hotel in LA than a jail… I couldn’t believe it!

After walking around reading about children that stayed their for killing cats, we went out side and fed the donkeys… lots of donkeys in cripple creek, of corse they used them not that long ago for all the mining they’ve done here!

We started hearing the train horn blow and jumped back in the car so we could catch the next ride out! This is something everyone should do if they get a chance, a true looking into this crazy little mining town. Still amazing how one mine produced nothing 10 ft over a mine produced millions… there was so many mines they couldn’t even tell us a story about all of them, just the big ones❤️

A real eye opener on how people lived here… and not even that long ago, I know I’ve said it before but I’d sure like to have lived back then… however I’d probably be dead, seems like not to many made it past 30!

After an exciting weekend Jim had to go back to work and the parents and I decided to take it easy, laundry and relaxing at the beautiful Lone Duck Campground… which if I haven’t yet I highly recommend this place for anyone wanting to stay in this area. It’s the nice campground we’ve stayed at yet, and far better than any place I’ve seen around here… especially the campground we stayed at last weekend, Lone Duck closed for a wedding so we ventured out, decided to stay in town all I can say is yuck… the camp ground was $5 more a night and full of live ins, everyone was drunk or high ( and I don’t mean high on weed) I’m not going to lie it was kinda scary… homeless all around and walking threw on a daily basis… the crazy kind, and with all the recent murders here in the homeless community… we definitely locked our doors at night!

It was sad to see my parents go, but I’m so happy they could come and experience a bit of this adventure with us!! We will be home for Christmas only a few months away… until then, I love you both bunches 😘

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  1. How wonderful to have your parents there to share your adventures and joy. Yes that stay would have been a bit frightening, but there are pockets of poverty and various drug dependencies in every city and town now, it’s just more alarming to be in the midst of it in such remote parts of the country.

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    1. So very blessed to have my parents willing to make the drive and up for all our adventures… oh yes drugs are ever where, I’ve lost many friends to that stuff, I’ve seen to many good people be taken over, and I’m very well aware of what that stuff drives people to do… I think that was why it scared me. It breaks my heart, and it’s definitely something that hits close to home 😢 I did however met an amazing man when I first got there who was also passing threw he had just made a giant pot of Jambalaya for them…..

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      1. Awww Montana is so beautiful!! We did a few short trips over there well in Wyoming, but never fished… my kid can’t sit still long enough to bait the hook, I usually have to mom up and miss out… she worth it, I guess lol ❤️


  2. In my travels, and here at Home Base (Prescott, AZ), i keep watch on the disoriented souls among the homeless. It is always wise to lock the car, and the room. The scenery, though, looks breathtaking, and one can’t do better than to share it with loved ones.

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