Back At It

Let me start with apologies, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written. The turbo went out in our beautiful truck which means we haven’t been able to do to much exploring.

We added a new family member, I’m still confused on how exactly this happened. We’ve had so much trouble with me dog, why we added another I don’t know, I guess I wasn’t busy enough! I know Jim missed his old hound dog and Loretta just wasn’t the same…. so catching me at a weak moment, he brought home this cutie, who actually has been very easy to potty train. Meet Rosie Bear, yes he is a he and he was named after Jim’s grandpa who was truly an amazing man!

He quickly made friends with my girls and Loretta has been so much better with a friend… all and all I don’t think it was to bad of a decision… and I only mildly regret it.

The day before our turbo went out we checked out a creepy fair in the spirt of Halloween. It was interesting to say the least although we both have strong feelings against some of the things they sold there we still enjoyed people watching and some of the booths where pretty cool. Jim’s supervisor and dear friend told us about it and we all kinda thought they would have more shows and less witch craft… but again the people watching was epic!

We cut out a little early and drove around in the city ( Denver) it really is a beautiful city to visit…. as you all know I hate the city, but every time we come over here I see a side of it…

Ok, ok … you know I would sit down to write unless I had something amazing to show you, so here it is Cave of the Winds. We’ve passed by it many times, but held out knowing the boys would be working on a zip line for them. Sure enough after 3 very long non stop weeks they finished up ….. Jim put in 78 1/2 hours this last week, and because of their hard work and dedication Cave of the Winds gave us all free passes for anything we wanted to do… let me tell you this place is so incredibly amazing!!

The guys wasted no time risking their lives for a little adventure…. I always knew he was crazy but I now feel maybe he should seek help… this is just bonkers.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bungee so high…. what I really couldn’t believe is how upset Ella got when she wasn’t able to go… thank goodness because I probably would have passed out watching! The smile on Jim and Mikes face was worth the heart attack I got when they let them fall, and I know they both would have done it again in a second! We met up with our tour guide… who was so awesome, I’d never be able to spell this on my own… I’m horrible at spelling anyway and I didn’t want to destroy her name so here you go… if you find yourself here please ask for her I promise you won’t be sorry and I guarantee non of the other tour guide have a voice like hers!!!

We headed into the cave and to be honest I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful or to learn so much!! Did you know it takes millions of years for the mineral to grow like this?

We learned this cave has been a tourist attraction for well over 100 years and in fact they had a original Thomas Edison light bulb from the first light systems they put In that had its 100 birthday in 2007 and still works!!!

We also learned that long ago this cave was discovered by two young boys. We learned that at one point most of it was under a layer of sea? Oh yes ocean in Colorado no joke!!! In fact the water cane threw and had no place to go so it pushed threw and made the coolest whirl wind cavern above us…

We learned that long ago the tour was a crawl for 4-5 hours to get to this point then crawl out… now days we walk the 1/2 mile, some areas tall people have to duck… but that’s better than crawling!

Some of the most amazing formations that I’ve ever seen, I know I took lots of pictures, but nothing compares to seeing this with your own eyes… it’s a must for anyone’s bucket list!!

We came to a part towards the end were two young girls decided it was a “boring ” part of the cave so they decided to dress it up by throwing a couple hair pins at the wall…. later it was told that if you wanted to get married or divorced that throwing money at this wall would would make that happen for you… now days of corse, because it was destroying the cave wall they have a bin out for the good luck money and a plastic wall in front of the old money and hair pins attached to the wall…

We learned that long ago a very rich man decided he wanted to see more of the cave so he offered money and men to clear out more with only two conditions one they say his name until the end of time ( you have to take the tour to hear his name) and two they put this saying up in the cave. This saying is a small part of a much bigger poem… it has nothing to do with anything in Colorado at all… it was just a saying this very rich man like from the Grand Canyon? Go figure!

They also do lanterns tours and when the lights go out it is dark the only place darker is the bottom of the ocean!!! After a few hours she said you’d start to hallucinate… I could’ve that she only turned the lights out for a split second and I was already seeing things!!!

I’d like to leave you with this last little video and I hope you can hear her amazing voice, my daughter loved this part… and no not all the guide sing for you, this is why you have to have her!!!

So when you come visit, and you ride the zip line you have these amazing men to thank… FYI ladies the two stealing men on your right are single 😉😉😉

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  1. Interesting photos! It looks fun.
    I hope Rosie Bear is settling in well too! I don’t know if you’ll be familiar with it but there was a popular British children’s tv show called Rosie and Jim 🙂

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