And Just Like That

Christmas was over, but the excitement was still in full force! Having been married before, taking a year to plan the wedding, spending every penny we had and every penny my parents had, stressing on everything from the guest list, to the gown... causing severe family conflict, that which I am not proud of, we... Continue Reading →

Christmas Home

Since I've deprived you for so long... and I don't think there is any rules agains posting two blogs in one day? I'm also running behind and want to catch you up well my memory is fresh, plus I have a very exciting post next so I want to get this published so I can... Continue Reading →

Home for the Holidays

Once again sorry for lagging❤️ After spending our last weekend in New York, I spend the next few days packing everything up to drive across the USA back to Cali, to see our loving parents we missed so very much! We couldn't wait to see them and I know they couldn't wait to see Ella!... Continue Reading →

New York

Sorry it's taken so long to get this one out, I've got a few more right behind it too! Our last weekend in Pennsylvania, with so many sites within driving distance, it was hard to decided where to spend our last weekend... but for a west coast family, it had to be New York! With... Continue Reading →

The Vegas of Museums

After a long week of freezing weather, couch cuddling with a wiggle worm, and way to much paw patrol, my hard working man came home on Saturday with beautiful roses in his hand and said those words I longed to hear " No work tomorrow babe." My heart skipped a few beats, my mind started... Continue Reading →

Abandoned In Pittsburgh

After our very long drive to get to Pennsylvania, we decided to spend the least amount of time in the car for our first adventure out! We have a very long list of things we want to see well on the east coast, and in all honesty Pittsburgh was at the bottom of that list... Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania It Is

And just like that we said goodbye to beautiful Colorado, packed up camp and headed East! Now this may not sound exciting to you, it certainly wasn't exciting for Jim... he dreaded the long drive threw nothing but corn fields and the freezing cold weather he was going to have to work in.... but for... Continue Reading →

Dodge Blew My Mind

We haven't been up to our usual adventures lately due to truck problems.. our turbo went out, so yes the truck still ran, but neither of us wanted to push it. When you pay as much as we did for a truck, you really don't expect to have any big issues, for awhile at least... Continue Reading →

Back At It

Let me start with apologies, it's been a few weeks since I've written. The turbo went out in our beautiful truck which means we haven't been able to do to much exploring. We added a new family member, I'm still confused on how exactly this happened. We've had so much trouble with me dog, why... Continue Reading →


The day had finally come, my parents where getting closer! I got their cabin all ready to go for them and put Ella down early so she would get some sleep before they arrived! I missed them so much and couldn't wait for big hugs❤️ I wasn't sure if it was her Grandparents or their... Continue Reading →

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