Mother in Law

Some people dread the day there mother in law comes to visit.... not me, oh no I couldn't wait! OOH and Ella was so excited, her little face when she saw her nana... and of corse her first time at an airport... priceless Nana always comes with bags full of adventure and of corse fun... Continue Reading →

Colorado WoW

Yep, still in Colorado.... but I certainly am not complaining ❤️the beauty here is unreal, completely breathtaking... and slightly distracting. As we were driving down the road early Saturday morning to get away from the hearts of Labor Day campers that took over our temporary home I had to keep reminding myself to take pictures... Continue Reading →

Steamboat Extravaganza

As normal we piled into the truck with out a clue as to where we were headed for the day... I was just proud we hit the road before 7am!! We headed towards town and decided first order of business was grub! Jim's pancake obsession lead us to the most wonderful little place... all you... Continue Reading →

And the Adventures Continue!

Living on the road is almost like living on a constant vacation... at times it can be exhausting, but you only live once and live is what we must do!! I don't want to miss anything, and Colorado has soooo many things to offer, we finally got to go some place full of history I've... Continue Reading →

Rocks, Rocks, and More Rocks

Completely amazed by these giant rock formations!! Welcome to Garden of the gods! Of corse pulling into Manitou Springs, Colorado this was the first thing our small rock obsessed family saw!! We couldn't wait to get closer and check them out! /*/* */ We left early, around 7 am, so that we could see these... Continue Reading →

Change of Plans

We had so many things to we wanted to to Friday... we decided not to do any of them. Instead we took a short, steep drive to Cripple Creek, Colorado. Over 10,000 feet high... we stumbled upon a hidden treasure, and by treasure I mean GOLD.. gold mining that is 😉 We weren't sure what... Continue Reading →


A change of scenery is always nice, and I'd have to say Northern Washington is beautiful!! We stayed and a campground called Hidden Village and we really enjoyed it there!! The rv spots weren't to big, but they had cheap laundry and a heated pool, which we swam in everyday. We were only 10 min... Continue Reading →

Last week in Portland

As badly as I dreaded being stuck here ( I really hate the city) I think I might miss it a bit! Even though we were smack dab in the middle of big city, we were able to find things that is plain old country folk could enjoy! I'm pretty easy to please as long... Continue Reading →


Oooooh how I hate that word. I finally understand why my mom would get so upset when I'd tell her " I'm bored". She'd always tell me to clean when I'd say that... so I learned quickly to keep it to myself or come up with a more creative way of saying it! As you... Continue Reading →

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