Home for the Holidays

Once again sorry for lagging❤️

After spending our last weekend in New York, I spend the next few days packing everything up to drive across the USA back to Cali, to see our loving parents we missed so very much! We couldn’t wait to see them and I know they couldn’t wait to see Ella! She had grown so much since the last time they visited us… putting full sentences together, and omg the way she says peek a boo 😍 Now we just had to get there! We start to hate each other after 3 days, shoot I even start to hate myself, and it seemed we had at least 5 according to the gps, I knew those last 2 days where going to be hard! I charged the fire for Ella, packed up a few favorite toys and snacks… I figured I’d clean Friday, but Thursday afternoon Jim came home and said he was done time to go home…. we all went to bed early, with excitement jitters and racing minds. As always 4 am rolls around and my love is already warming up the truck, we were off, off to see new states, off to see our family… off to a new adventure!

3 states down in our first day, we found a truck stop to park for the night and hit the bed hard, waking up before the sun came out to start it all over again! Of corse I missed the Tennessee sign, weather it was the dark or I was sleeping with my eyes open I’m still not sure, but we got to stop by and see something I’ve only dreamed off!!

All lite up for Christmas, I sat back and thought about all the amazing singers that had been right there, right where we were! All the famous people that had walked those steps…. we hung out until the sun came up, just trying to take it all in…. then we were off!

Good old Oklahoma… we decided to stay here for the night, about 20 mins off our beaten path… Thanks to the old country song from one our favorite artist… maybe you’ve heard it ” Okie from Muskogee” ?

Up later than we wanted to be, but give us a break…. driving is exhausting!! The sun rise was magnificent… and a wonderful start to our next day!

All we saw on our 3 day was New Mexico, that was a long drive let me tell ya! We parked at a truck stop on the boarder, sleep for about 6 hours and headed out early one more time!

Wasn’t long before we entered the most expensive state we’ve called home for way to long…

For some reason the road seemed longer, and the drive dragged on but we made it home in record time!! Only 4 days!! We pulled in to Jim’s moms house in Santa Maria California at 4pm on Monday! Which gave us two full weeks of fun with the family! But I feel like this post is plenty long enough, we did so much in those two weeks home I could probably write about it for a whole year… but I won’t, I promise I’ll compact in into one post… stay tuned ❤️

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  1. Another Great Adventure – I am still in awe of the Grand Ol’ Opry!! I want to see it for myself some day. You are a great story teller & keep us all entertained with your family tidbits!! Love you & am so Proud of you for taking this blogging on & doing such a wonderful job of it.

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