Christmas Home

Since I’ve deprived you for so long… and I don’t think there is any rules agains posting two blogs in one day? I’m also running behind and want to catch you up well my memory is fresh, plus I have a very exciting post next so I want to get this published so I can start working on my next one….

Home for Christmas… well our home is wherever we are parked, but California will probably always be “Home” for us even when we buy property/ a house in another state… Home is were your family and friends are, home is where you grew up, home is were your childhood memories where made. As much as I truly hate the direction California is headed, the way over priced gas, food…. and well, everything else, California will always hold a very special place in my heart. It’s where I grew up, went to school, learned to drive, crashed a lot of cars… it’s where I met my Love, it’s where my daughter was born, it’s where my parents live… for those reasons and many many more California will always special to me ❤️

Anyways enough of that, let’s get into alllll the fun we had well we where there!

Got to love the weather, that’s for sure! And was so excited to see her Nana!

And her Grandma

As I’m sure you can imagine how incredibly spoiled rotten this little stinker is…. especially when they haven’t seen here for months, it was a full two week Christmas for little Ella Sue opening presents every day…. so much so when it came time to take the Christmas tree down she cried, she cried so much she got another present lol…

We stayed with Jim’s parents in Santa Maria, but we did get there early so they both had a few more days of work, I of corse couldn’t wait to see my parents so we decided that we’d head up to see them in Creston, CA about an hour from SM… Creston is my absolute favorite town in all of California… there is a restaurant, a bar, a post office, an amazing little country clothing store, a small general store ( about the size of a big bedroom and of corse a church and small elementary school… lots of horses and live stock… fresh cut hay smell always fills the air, and blue skies… when we arrived at the ranch my parents where waiting outside in full Christmas spirt we hugged and hugged and Ella of course had to see the horses ASAP…. we headed we said our goodbyes and headed back to SM, we spent the next day unwinding, doing laundry…. and taking long, very long showers with unlimited hot water! Jim, who can’t not sit still for a minute, decided we’d do a little remodeling to the trailer, finish up with the roof, he ripped out our couch and bench table… we cleaned and cleaned and put a much more comfortable lazy boy couch in, and an adorable little table… it feels so much bigger! I’ll post pictures of that in another post! Friday we headed back to my parents house to do some riding ♥️ Ella got to ride her horse Lindy with Danielle, my moms best friend and my name sake…

We visited for a little longer than headed back to SM to meet daddy, Nana and Papa for dinner. Saturday things really picked up, we went to The Union hall for Papas Christmas party where Ella got to see all of her cousins!! These kids, I tell ya! Ella of corse couldn’t get enough Christmas goats hahaha

Then we headed back to Nanas house for Christmas with the family ❤️ beautiful chaos ❤️

Headed to bed late for ya around 9pm… what an amazing day! Up early Sunday and back up North to decorate gingerbread houses with our mom group… where Ella and I finally got to see some of our friends, we laughed and eat to much candy… the kids played and ran around on pure sugar highs

Daddy had dropped us of so he could visit some of his friends in town and when he picked us up we headed back down south for dinner with his cousin/ best friend and his beautiful wife… they always crack me up, and I wish we could have spent more time with them! Ella loves them so much, and had no problem hugging them to death when it was time to head back to Nanas for bed! Again up Early, Christmas Eve Monday, and Ella and I headed to Grandmas to do sit on Santa’s lap, again! They do a great country Christmas in creston which I actually got to go to when I was Ella’s age, I recently found out Santa ( who came in on a helicopter back then) was Paul, Gingers dad, Danielle’s husband I couldn’t believe it… I had no idea for 30 years… they all thought it was funny how clueless I was… I was only two guys gosh! we went back to my parents to open more presents and hang out with Poppy… Ella drove…

On the way back, I saw this beauty and wanted to share… got to love Creston!

And for Christmas my parents came to Santa Maria where Nana and Papa cooked an amazing dinner, we drank amazing wine and Ella opened even more presents…

Jim made an announcement, and all the parents got so excited… we’ve been engaged for 3 years now, we have a beautiful 2 year old, so 2019 we are going to tie the knot… a big wedding is something we both want to avoid, as we have both been married before and it ended badly, neither of us have been in a rush to make it official, but we knew the parents wanted to see it happen….he said maybe we will just stop in Vegas when we drive threw, oh no all the parents wanted to be there, so we decided we’d do it in SM at some point this next year! After the excitement died down we headed to bed… at this point we were all so tired, but we still had a week of excitement to go!

The next day Ella Nana and I went wine tasting with her cousins, Ella got to meet Lilly, the cousin that had been giving her clothes…. well that is until Ella outgrew her 5 year old cousin at 2!

Didn’t take long…. Jim should have known not to leave me and his mother alone… one thing lead to another… the date was set the pastor was booked, Mr. and Mrs. it’s going to be ❤️

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  1. This year I think more than ever was the best. Over past many years Christmas is passing stuff arround and everyone gets a gift then eat. Family has always been close, but when you dont see them daily, well ya miss em. This Christmas was the best seeing and huggin on my family great Christmas day Thorps and Adamsons all together and then my best gift I got a Son. Yep Jim the kids got married and all is good thanks the gone. Damn already miss em. God keep em safe

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  2. Amazing post, I agree with Gary, Family is everything & knwo our two families are made whole..we are all so blessed and eternally thankful for God’s hand in all our lives. I love you guys & continue to pray for your safe travels and many more adventures.

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  3. Congratulations! This was my favourite as I enjoyed sharing your family Christmas with you. I have enjoyed all your adventures this past year so thank you. Due to illness we will not be back on the road ourselves until at least spring. Have a wonderful wedding! Keep enjoying your life for many years. 😊😊

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