New York

Sorry it’s taken so long to get this one out, I’ve got a few more right behind it too!

Our last weekend in Pennsylvania, with so many sites within driving distance, it was hard to decided where to spend our last weekend… but for a west coast family, it had to be New York! With Christmas approaching fast, and all the beautiful decorations up, I think we made the right choice! Jim got off early Friday so we decided to drive over and get a room only 9 miles from time square, a little extended stay America in New Jersey! Great rates, pets allowed and nice rooms!! We were all so excited gazing off at the city all lit up!

We hit the sheets and got up at 5 am to head into the big Apple! Within 28 seconds of entering the city, even with google maps we were lost and found ours self driving in circles the wrong way in a parking building! So the first 30 mins in the big city was rather exciting, eventually we made it out and were completely blown away! For this West coast family it was like a complete different country… I felt like I was in a movie and couldn’t help but wonder how Macaulay Culkin ever found his way back home after taking himself Christmas shopping?!?

Getting an early start meet much less traffic, which was a must when driving a 6 wheel beast in very tight spaces… New York is very luck I wasn’t driving, I probably wouldn’t have made it out… if I did I’d be on the run for running some poor person over… I totally get why cabs are big here! We didn’t have to much time before traffic picked up so we hit time square first… so beautiful, good thing we were on a budget or I’d have had to do some shopping and probably gone bankrupt!

After exploring a bit we decided to pay tribute to the twin towers, a very emotional place. I didn’t personally know anyone that died that day but I remember listening to it on the radio well waiting for class to start when I was 16… walking into first period English class I first realized how incredibly devastating it was and we spent every class that day watching the news, some classmates where even crying, and of corse some thought it was just a good off day… but to actually see this in person it definitely brought tears to my eyes as I did my best to explain it to my daughter.

After an emotional eye opening walk around the memorial we lightened it up a bit with a much warmer walk threw the fancy mall across the street… I have never seen a mall like this, it felt like we were in a castle! It was great place to warm up and take a few pictures 😉

Next stop… you guessed it can’t come here with out at least waving to lady liberty and all her greatness!

There she is… still in awe as I never ever thought I’d be able to see her with my own eyes! Parking wasn’t easy, we knew it would be an issue, and with the dogs we weren’t able to take the boat over… but for this trip I was just happy I saw here… until next time miss liberty! After parking in a loading zone and taking turns to see her we started out to explore some more! Central Park…. all the horse and buggies people walk there dogs… what a beautiful place… as a horse person, I’ve seen a lot of things about the buggies here… in my personal opinion the horse all looked healthy and happy, of corse the streets were lined with grain so what horse wouldn’t be lol!

Wrapping up our trip into the city around 10am we started our drive back. It was a day I will never forget and hope I get to visit this sweet city again soon!!

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  1. You certainly saw a lot in a day in New York! My son proposed to my DIL at the tree in Rockefeller Center, so they have good memories there. I only remember the horrible traffic, the rude cab drivers and the buses that took us to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, our reason for visiting the city. My other DIL was about six blocks from the Twin Towers on 9-11 and pregnant. I am thankful for the first responders that took care of her and made sure that she made it home safely. God bless our first responders!

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  2. Oh my goodness NYC is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your experience and story with us. I really enjoyed all of your pictures and the memorial for the Twin towers brought tears to my eyes.. So sad yet beautiful. Looking forward to your other adventures

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  3. I admire your entire story, and the effort you have to keep up with Jim’s astounding (and previously unknown to me) line of work. I’d never thought of the world that must surround maintaining those rock faces all along highways, etc.
    Kudos to you for even thinking of driving in NYC, something I would never do. I was once at the top of the Trade Center, long ago, and I salute you for helping your kids get a grasp on what happened there.
    Thanks for visiting Under Western Skies.

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  4. Great memories for me growing up in that crazy city. I always tell folks I loved growing up in that area. It’s an experience to appreciate. I haven’t been back for several decades but I still love NY. Glad it was a good trip for you. All the best! Happy New Year!

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