The Vegas of Museums

After a long week of freezing weather, couch cuddling with a wiggle worm, and way to much paw patrol, my hard working man came home on Saturday with beautiful roses in his hand and said those words I longed to hear ” No work tomorrow babe.” My heart skipped a few beats, my mind started racing… what are we going to do? Finally a day off, we may only get to a couple of things we wanted to see well over here, so what is at the top of our list? New York? Philadelphia? DC? Niagara Falls? There is so much history within a few hours drive… the problem is what first?

DC it is, I can’t wait to see the White House…. little did I know exactly what I was in for! 2 1/2 hour drive ( nothing for us) threw two new beautiful states and there it was Washington! My heart was beating so fast I haven’t been this excited for awhile, I look over and I can see the excitement on my loves face, Ella of corse has no idea why we are excited and is just smiling because we are… but this mama will take enough pictures she will have these moments for the rest of her life, weather she remembers or not!

As we pull in to the big city, it looks just like any other big city, only not as much traffic as I expected we could actually get around pretty good in our big truck! We start seeing important building after important building statues and memorials… I couldn’t take pictures fast enough, we had to drive around a couple times so I could get enough pictures to satisfy my camera! I started see so many museums then bam there it was… White as can be! They must paint that thing weekly because you almost need sunglasses to look at it! Time to find a place to park this beast… again surprisingly easy, of corse it cost $20 for the day but we weren’t to far off from the White House!

As we started our walk we made note of the ton of food trucks lined up, unfortunately we aren’t rich and can’t afford to eat at big fancy restaurants on every adventure, although I’d love to be a food blogger!

Meanwhile, across from the food….

I learned, the discoloration you see in the picture ( must more noticeable in real life) is where they stopped due to the civil war, they started again once it was over, which left a strange noticeable line… just being near something so old got me excited! As we got closer we noticed something exciting going on in front of the White House, apparently if I watched the new more often I’d know… don’t get me wrong we watch more news than normal Americans, in fact the only thing Jim ever wants to watch is news… I guess I just tune it out sometimes because I completely missed this Christmas fun! There was tree decorated for every state, along with a bunch of fun trains going full speed around the trees! Here are just a few trees… I thought about taking a picture of all of them, but if I did you’d still be reading this post next Christmas… it’s already going to be long!

So beautifully done! And of corse the White House… which looked just like every picture or video I’ve ever seen of it!

Ella wasn’t having the family selfie… she just wanted to watch the trains! Soooooo, we came we saw, it’s been maybe 30 mins… what now? Smithsonian! I of corse was texting the bestie/aka world traveler Christy❤️ she told me even though she was young she still remembered the Smithsonian, she started listing Museum after Museum to visit! We started with the Smithsonian Art Museum because it was close! here’s a few photos, I don’t understand any of the art but it sure was cool looking! Jim had all the very put together art enthusiasts around cracking up when he stated that art is nothing more than a bunch of junk thrown together and every now and then someone gets lucky… not sure they were ready for our redneckness!

We did however enjoy the unicycle hockey being played right outside, and of corse the strange people out in front of the White House! I wish we could have made it a day later and we would have been able to take part in the service for a great American President 😢 One thing I would have really like to see was the Wall, as a child my dad did the run for the Wall motorcycle ride across the state.Being a Vietnam Vet himself, it was important to him, and just as important to me to see, however Ella wasn’t able to walk that far and trying to find a parking spot closer was working for us. Next time it will be the first memorial I visit! I didn’t expect so many museums and every museums having a theme to it starting with the building… it reminded me of Vegas almost, with all the different casinos and themes… a strange thing to compare our beautiful capital too, but it was what came to mind… I made a decision right then and there I will be back, and stay for at least a week or two when Ella is older and will actually remember. I know if we were able to stay just a couple hours longer I probably would have learned so much more about our great country, but unfortunately it was time to go, but I know I’ll be back! On our walk back we stopped in for a philly cheese steak sandwich from a random food truck… so amazing, it really was so tasty, and if you find yourself staring at food truck after food truck I suggest this one!

Have you been to Washington? How long did you stay? What did you learn ? When I do bring Ella back here, what is your suggestion on what we must see??

Thank you for reading about our adventures, I appreciate all your support and love reading your blogs as well!! ♥️

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  1. Arlington and the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. The Smithsonian, all of the buildings, is something you could spend a month in, but are amazing. Getting a pass for the Big Bus is helpful. Get on and off at various sites with no need for parking. We stay in College Park, MD and take the train into the city. It’s a fantastic place with countless educational experiences.

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    1. Yes changing of the guard was something I also wanted to see!! I know there was a lot to see here, but didn’t realize how much time we would need to even see a little of it!! Definitely coming back, maybe when it’s a little warmer, although it was summer weather compared to what we’ve been in the last couple months lol

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  2. Enjoyed your story a lot! Nice to see a young family energized to appreciate the wonders of our country. I’ve driven past the WH and the monuments but always on my way to somewhere else. I said the same thing. Maybe someday I’ll stay longer. I hope you make it back. Your enthusiasm is catchy. All the best.

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  3. Washington is one of my favorite cities . The Food Truck scene is huge there . I stay at least a few days or so and there’s so much to see still. Yes, it is the “vegas” of museum’s, and like the casinos , it’s free to explore the monuments and memorials . Visit the National Zoo. I would say leave the truck and experience one of the cleanest subways in the country , the Washington Metro. Extremely clean and it can get you everywhere. It’s a very walkable city. Visit the National Gallery, Madame Tussauds, which is my favorite one because it has a hall of presidents and shows you what happened during their term. Visit the World war 2 memorial as well. Your daughter might be too young to understand some of these things but the zoo is a must. Also try visiting the MLK and FDR Memorial as well as Jefferson Memorial . Hope this helps some

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    1. Absolutely!!! I’m already planning a trip back! I really wish we were going to be here a little longer, however I’m very excited to see family for Christmas.. His company has a yard in New York so good chance we will be back here soon!

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  4. Over a twenty year period I visited Washington DC about twice a year. Yes it is brimming full of history and much to see. I loved my visits except for those in the dead of winter when I can remember tripping on the streets walking on slick pavement ice. 🙂 Flying in from the tropics I was never prepared for that. Not far from the White House are places it would not be wise to walk around by yourself, specially at night but that could be true for many major cities around the world too.

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    1. Oooh my Mama warned me not to walk around at night… strange, during the day it really didn’t seem like it would be dangerous, places I’ve been in both LA and SF our scary day or night lol… but these days I’m down with the sun and up before the sun!

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  5. Such a wonderful city, it really surprised me. I was only there for 3 days and I was sick for some of that too so didn’t fully make the most of it but it’s somewhere I’ll definitely go back to 🙂

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