Abandoned In Pittsburgh

After our very long drive to get to Pennsylvania, we decided to spend the least amount of time in the car for our first adventure out! We have a very long list of things we want to see well on the east coast, and in all honesty Pittsburgh was at the bottom of that list for no other reason than we aren’t big city people… but because it only called for a couple hours in the car, we headed there first…. and I’m so glad we did!

Well driving around checking out the city we ended up on a dead end street, it happens all the time, but this time we noticed something pretty cool… a giant old jail? Yes we stumbled upon Pittsburgh’s Western State Penitentiary… with a closer look we realized it was in fact abandoned without a single no trespassing sign and wide open gaits, we decided to do some exploring😳 I’m sure we weren’t supposed to be in there, but in the case we got caught we’d definitely play the tourist card… and let’s face it, as soon as Jim realized it was abandoned I couldn’t keep him out of there if I tried… if you can’t beat them, join them!

I’d liked to have had more time or at least more patience well Jim explored, but with both pups and Ella On my watch, he only had time to explore the three story building/house next to the prison. Well he explored I did a little bit of research and found the Jail was only closed June 30,2017… just last year, after 135 years of being open… the longest running state prison in Pennsylvania… at least that’s what the internet told me.

Inside he found a lot of cool art work that has obviously been on the walls for a very long time…

He was able to walk all the way up to the top of this old place… which surprised me!

He said he thought it may have been the medical area but we still aren’t completely sure. I can’t believe that old historic buildings are just left like this… of corse my crazy mind starts going thinking of all the things this place could be… if we had an endless supply of money of corse lol…

I did try to find some old goat stories on this place, but I don’t thinks it’s been abandoned long enough for stories to start to take off… however I did notice lights on in the main jail, with door that went to no where… which made me wonder a bit… maybe Jim will get the chance to revisit this cool old jail and explore the hallways, if he makes it out, you know you will all be the first to see it!

Here are a few more pictures of Pittsburgh.. I’d have to say I love all the yellow bridges! At times I almost felt like I was in a different country… it’s crazy to me how different this city is compared to other city’s on the west coast like Portland, LA and San Francisco…

Maybe we can get ourselves into the old Heinz building… old factories where Jim’s favorite, but after exploring around the jail, I think his new favorite would have to be abandoned prisons… definitely a whole lot of abandoned and haunted places here in Pennsylvania… I’m sure i between exploring all the history here will will have some more abandoned adventures as well.. until next time 😘

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  1. Love the pics. Pittsburgh is one of my favorite cities , it’s so underrated and lives in the shadow of Philadelphia . Yes there are a lot of bridges there , more than in New York City . You notice all of them are painted yellow.

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    1. Well I didn’t check the coordinates, but I’m sure if you google it, it will pop right up!! If you get In the main jail, I’d love to see pic!! Western State Pen. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


  2. I can remember travelling through the north east US by car and noticing the large number of abandoned huge industrial buildings in some areas. It seems that industry fled to the south east decades ago leaving those buildings to rot. Some of them are an eyesore and I don’t know why governments don’t do something about it. Maybe no one wants to buy an old building but it could be demolished and converted into parklands

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  3. An interesting post with lots of great photos. I too find older cities with historic buildings fascinating. I lived in St. Louis – another old rust belt city with a tremendous architectural heritage like Pittsburgh – from 1995-2011, and was shocked when I arrived at how many fantastic old buildings had fallen into ruin. Fortunately, a great deal of them have been restored to their former glory, though many old factories and homes are still left in an abandoned state.

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  4. Oh, great exploration! I always wanted to go to jail… and you made my dream come true! 😀
    Love the pictures and your courage to get into such a place! Its a perfect place for fashion model shoots!

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  5. I don’t understand about Jim’s work — Rock Fall business? What does he do? How does he make a living climbing rocks? Please explain. Enjoyed the pix and info on the prison. Did he find any creepy stuff in there?

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    1. Just the old paintings… nothing to crazy, but it was fun! He does Rock Fall Mitigation, he drills holes in rocks and hangs mesh, knocks rocks down! Basically anything they can do to protect the road ways from rocks falling!!

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  6. Thanks for the explanation .. It’s fascinating to learn about how people make a living to put bread on the table. That’s a job I had never heard of and never thought about (being from Ohio – not too many rock walls there!)

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  7. These pictures reminded me of the old state run psychiatric hospitals in Massachusetts. They looked like eerie castles and the stories that were told are what horrible films are made if. Brave souls to venture in there. Great adventure!

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  8. Since my man grew up in Pittsburgh, we’ve been there a number of times. I expected a dirty steel mill city, and was surprised by how beautiful it is. If you ever go back, go to the top of Mt. Washington for a view overlooking the city, rivers and bridges. It is amazing.

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