Pennsylvania It Is

And just like that we said goodbye to beautiful Colorado, packed up camp and headed East! Now this may not sound exciting to you, it certainly wasn’t exciting for Jim… he dreaded the long drive threw nothing but corn fields and the freezing cold weather he was going to have to work in…. but for me I was overjoyed! I’ve never been past Colorado, and I couldn’t wait to see new states regardless of how “boring” some people may see them as, I believe every state has their own special beauty and as always I was determined to find it, plus I can’t wait to have my history books come to life!!

First state Kansas. Jim was right, not much to see… lots of corn fields, windmills and birds… lots birds swarming like bees!

I loved seeing all the farms and the peaceful drive was wonderful… everything was great until the sun went down! Even though the truck said it was 30 degrees outside, I could have sweared it was broken.. the icy winds picked up and after 2mins of standing outside my hands started turning purple!! We pulled of early, about 6pm… We usually stop at truck stops/ rest areas when we do long drives, we’ve never had any problems and it just seems to work well for us. We pop out the rooms and use the generator, I’m not sure that would fly everywhere, but again we’ve never had a problem staying! I’ve really got to hand it to my main man, he was up early out in the freezing wind fixing our trailer wires, we’ve had problems with them pretty often, luckily for me we have Jim, who fixes them every time… and once he was done we were back on the road, dragging a bit because we had already lost an hour… on to Missouri which I missed the sign, sorry about that.

We could definitely tell we weren’t in Kansas any more, we went from flat corn fields to rolling hills and beautiful trees.

As we neared the end of Missouri we hit our first patch of yucky weather… I was ever so grateful it was the only crappy weather we hit and it really didn’t last long, slow and steady got us threw.. along with a whole lot of prayers coming from home and a strong heater in the truck!

The bad weather carried us right on over to our next state…

We weren’t there long, but I caught a picture of this big beautiful cross which was just a reminder that we are protected by his love…

On to Indiana… and my worst sign pic ever… I tried 🤗

Indiana was cold, the ice on the trees was so beautiful though it kinda gave an eerie feeling… which reminded me of a show I use to watch as a kid, lol! Besides the ice, which was beautiful, though kinda scary to drive in Indiana was such a cool state. It definitely made the list of possible places to buy a home, and it’s where we called home for the evening… we got a room of the freeway so we could shower in the am and possibly sleep in a little cause we had lost another hour!

Next up Ohio…

Not sure what we needed to find there, but felt honored to drive threw such an important state. Ohio seemed so perfect, perfect little house, very clean… felt like we were driving threw a movie almost!

Then the surprise state we didn’t know we went threw… and it actually caused an instant of panic thinking we had taken a wrong turn for a second!

We literally drove threw in a matter of mins, but don’t you worry we will have a full blog post on West Virginia soon❤️

And finally…

My first take was… old and cold. I loved seeing all the old homes and my mind started going crazy, so much history hear it these hills could talk… so much blood ahead here that has formed our country and made it what it is today… I can’t wait to explore!

We dropped the trailer and headed out to see the job site… boy were we lucky our site is amazing, looks much colder than it really was, in fact I think Colorado was colder!!

After checking the job site out we stopped by the gas station to grab something to drink…. couldn’t miss this gem, I know most people’s first thought is “poor thing” but to me this is pretty cool, I was expecting more city, and ended up with nothing but county and country folks… which made me feel at home♥️

They seem to have a lot a bears here, and this was the 5th bear he had seen that day… he took him out before the bear could take out his livestock… and yes he had a tag for it… completely legal ♥️

We decided to hit town for a quick bite to eat before bed and discovered a very tasty little place where mama could end her long drive with a very tasty drink 😜

Then off to bed for our extremely unexpected exciting adventures tomorrow held…. stay tuned❤️

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  1. I have driven across country many times, and find every state has its gems. Kansas has some areas that are far from treeless and flat. Pennsylvania has my two favourite diners: Bedford Diner, off the Turnpike, in Bedford (southeast of Pittsburgh) and D’s Diner, in Wilkes-Barre.

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    1. Oh my goodness we are staying in Bedford!! Friendship village! It’s is the cutest town and we will most defiantly eat there now!!! And yesterday was our quick spirt into Pittsburgh… it was the shortest drive on our todo list, we were all getting a little restless in the car so we went there first!! Far from city people but we had to check it out, and we found ourselves a very cool adventure well there!!

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    1. Awww thank you, Kansas City was one of those places I got got caught up looking more than taking pictures… such a cool little city… my love took the wrong exit and we drove all around.. just loved it!!! ❤️

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      1. Missouri does have some beautiful scenery, and it’s different every season. I don’t care much for winter, but the ice and snow can be very pretty to look at — when I’m inside, safe and warm.

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family. Loved looking at the pictures from your trip. I love taking bus road trips just as much as plane travel. Pennsylvania is beautiful to drive through as is Virginia and Delaware

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  3. Your travels remind me of the time in 1980 we were visiting the US and decided to have our scheduled holidays there. We bought a car in the NorthEast and took our time through all the northern states down the west coast to LA where we left the car with a friend. We took a plane to Australia to visit our parents then flew back to LA to complete the circuit through southern states and back up to Washington DC where we sold the car and headed back to our work in Asia. It was a most enjoyable trip and probably the reason our kids decided to do their college work in the US much later after which they got married and took out citizenship. One now lives in CA and the other in Ohio.

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    1. It really is amazing, we are trying to find a state to raise our little in… CA just isn’t the place, besides it’s so expensive… now that I’ve learned we can buy a house without having to pay for it our whole lives!! It’s just so hard to pick a state I love them all!!! I do know I’m not ready for this adventure to end!

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      1. We started up there for a week or so, I do have family that lives there… kinda waiting to see what job he’s going to settle with, he like to jump around between a few, we really like Wyoming… but it does get cold! Lol

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  4. Brings back some good memories of our recent trip. North New York state struck me as a wonderful place to live as it is so much like rural parts of England. Good luck and enjoy your travels.

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